Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Always Remember Your First...Blog.

Hmmmm, ummmm, let me see...typing my very first blog is not as easy as I thought it would be.
Initially, I imagined coming up with something mind-blowing, amazing, and/or uncontrollably funny for my initiation into the world of blogging...but after endless googling and thinking waaaaaay too much into this, I decided to take the safe way out (yes, my first time ever doing something "safe") and answer the basics - WHO, WHAT & WHY before my Universe gets to really spinning in cyberspace.
I'd answer the WHERE and HOW, but I think that's obvious.
Ok, here goes...

I'm just a girl who has too much on her plate and wouldn't have it any other way.
Mom of two boys - No doubt they are snakes and snails and puppy dog tails, but they are sooooo cute!
Wife - Billy is 10 years my junior but please don't call me a 'Cougar.' I prefer 'Puma.'
And career-woman - Most people know me from the two harness racing shows that I host - POST TIME and PA HARNESS WEEK.
But I felt like I should tackle the personality part of me, because that seems like a pretty important part, right?
So, I went to the "experts" aka a few of my best friends (namely Janet Davis, Susan Ehlers and Jenn Pylman) to describe me.
The came up with words like "bubbly, self-made princess, hard working, funny, great mother, kind hearted, magnetic personality"
That's sweet, really...but they HAVE to say that stuff. It's like written in the BFF Code Handbook somewhere.
Here's the other side they didn't mention...I can't carry a tune (but I think everyone wants to hear me sing Spice Girls songs at Karaoke), I can't cook a lick (unless it's scrapple), I'm obsessed with my skin (I lather six different lotions on it a day), I am a shopaholic (I actually get tingles when I walk into Walmart) and one thing hardly anyone knows about me is that I have a super bad temper. No one ever sees it, because I very rarely get mad but it's there, trust me!
Will all those sides come out as I journey down the blogging path? I hope so!
Which leads me to the next question...

Anything I wanna blog about!!! Kids, charity, harness racing, pageants, love, family, friends, super-nice people, people who are mean but don't know any better, work, sushi...
The only thing I probably won't blog about is unicorns, since I don't know a whole lot about them.
But I wouldn't discount a post about Big Foot. :-)
Some people are passionate about a couple areas of their life. Me? Well, I feel passionate about so many things that it would be unfair for me to have a blog about just one area of my life.
Am I a Drama Queen? Are you asking me or my husband Billy? LOL!
Personally, I don't think I am, but I'll let you be the judge.
So, you may not like the subject one day...but, hopefully, you'll love the delivery. Hmmm, maybe there will even be a life learning message in some of my blogs. Hee hee! That's a BIG maybe. I'm not planning on being the next Aesop anytime soon.

First, let me begin the answer by saying that I am not blogging because I think people care about what I think. I am simply doing this because, honestly, I'm just not a private person and there is so much I want to talk about that I can't do on the shows I host or I feel like Facebook is not the right avenue.
I get really happy about something and I wanna share it, I get really upset about something and I wanna share it. I like interacting with people and I am excited about hearing what other people think.
I love advice - although I don't always take it.
I love giving advice - although I wouldn't always take my own. :-)
Perhaps this is a journal of sorts? Yeah, I'll go with that.

So this is it my blast off into bloggism (is that even a word?).
Welcome to Heather's Universe!
Blessings & Love,
PS. My first "official-non-introduction post" will be in the next couple of days. It's going to be about sex. No, no, no! Not the action! Who do you think I am? Dr. Ruth? It'll be about gender!!! Jeeezzzz, this blog already has me putting my foot in my mouth. :-)

The fam & the center of my universe!
To infinity & beyond :-)


  1. Heather, I am looking forward to reading your blog. It will be nice to read about what is going on in Heather's Universe.

  2. I am apart of your life everyday ANDDDD I can't wait to follow your blog!!! You did a great job although I never expect anything but greatness from you. Fun and Witty....the Heather I know and love :)

  3. Bravo that is a great start and should keep people coming back for more. I know it will be so for me. I think you are a witty and delightful woman and I look forward to knowing what is going on in YOUR universe. Congratulations on a great start.

  4. We've always suspected that it was Heather's Universe.
    Thanks for letting us enjoy being part of it.

  5. Sorry I'm late. Loved it!!!! More...more...more...pleeeeeaaaase!